APRIL 16, 2020

Brief update on current news and important reminders on upcoming deadlines – Ontario power and GHG reporting programs (ECCC and Ontario).

As we work within these unprecedented times – program deadlines and regulatory changes remains fluid with status updates expected at any time so keeping you updated on the latest.

GHG Emissions Reporting Programs: 


  • Reminder:  The June 1st reporting deadline for Ontario GHG, Federal ECCC remains in place until further notice. 

We are currently completing these reports to meet the mandatory deadline and will reach out requesting further facility information (as necessary) and for review/validation by early May.  

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada 2018 GHG emissions information – The latest GHG emissions data, covering 2004 to 2018, reported by facilities across Canada was released yesterday
    • Facilities that emitted 10 T or more of GHGs in 2018 were required to report their emissions 
    • 1,706 facilities reported a total of 295 megatonnes (Mt) of CO2 equivalent emissions for 2018. This represents 40% of Canada’s total GHG emissions and 65% of total industrial emissions.
    • For the complete report – follow link :  Read the Overview of reported 2018 emissions

Ontario Power/IESO News: 


  • Ontario Energy Board (OEB) delays setting May 1 summer electricity prices for households and small businesses. 
    • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic – effective March 24, 2020 the Ontario government passed legislation to suspend time-of-use electricity rates, holding electricity prices to the off-peak rate of 10.1 cents-per-kilowatt-hour. This reduced price is currently in place for 45 days – available 24 hours per day, seven days a week to all time-of-use customers.  The OEB sets time-of-use electricity rates for residential and small business customers through the Regulated Price Plan.
    • The Ford government announced yesterday an intent to extent beyond May 7 – the current effective date to revert to summer pricing schedule.   This move will support low rates during the 11 am – 5 pm time frame as the majority of the population are now home bound 24/7.  
  • Time-of-use prices as of November, 2019 ― Off-Peak: 10.1₵/kWh, Mid-Peak: 14.4₵/kWh, On-Peak: 20.8₵/kWh
  • IESO/Class A Customers – Reminder and Covid-19 Update.
  • The current GA Class A “base period” ends on April 30, 2020.    The new “base period” or “peak setting period” starts May 1, 2020.

Qualifying Class A customers will be informed by their distributor before May 31 on their eligibility to participate in the upcoming billing period.

Opt-in deadline is June 15 for the adjustment period starting on July 1.


  • Upcoming:  The IESO is holding a webcast at 1 pm on April 23 to discuss Covid-19 impacts on the electricity system.

As we move forward into summer with ongoing disruptions due to the current crisis – the power loads and peaks will be a challenge to navigate so the need to keep updated on current news and trends is essential.  A summary following this webcast will be sent out promptly to keep you up to date. 

  • Demand Response Program – Opportunity

Demand Response (DR) is a great program that allows commercial/industrial business to earn a revenue for reducing electricity consumption during specific times to help maintain grid reliability.  Please contact me for program details.

Reminder….. as a supportive industry partner and part of your local community, I wish to extend and volunteer our full support throughout this crisis to assist as need be.  If you require an additional pair for hands for assistance with supply deliveries or groceries to employees in need – please don’t hesitate to reach out at anytime.

 Thank you and take care!


Stephanie Freund

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