After 20 years working in sales management in the beverage alcohol industry as well as the medical field Stephanie Freund embarked on a new career in the energy industry. She discovered her passion for working in natural gas and power after relocating from Montreal to Vancouver in late 2005 and for nine years Stephanie learned the ropes from the ground up and moved into more senior roles.

Through working in the industry Stephanie identified an opportunity and took a bold step in an entrepreneurial direction. In 2014, she founded Sundara Energy, which provides commodity sourcing solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) and governmental clients to meet current and future energy supply needs.  Her ambitious venture opened up a fresh industry partner option aimed towards clients seeking bilingual assistance with their consulting and Energy purchasing needs across Canada.

As the company’s president, Stephanie is a true energy management partner. Having worked and lived in provinces throughout Canada including Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia and now Ontario; she possesses a unique understanding of the business landscape and client needs nation-wide including offering French speaking, bilingual support. Stephanie puts her customers first, working closely with them to create specific energy supply solutions bringing long-term value to their bottom line.

“The fast pace commodity trading aspect of this industry has been engaging for me and has kept me challenged over the years,” she said. 

“The Industry is forever evolving so the need to stay informed and communicate that information to my clients is essential and an interesting part of my day-day role.  This Industry may seem intimidating to some but is in fact is all about relationship building.”  — Stephanie Freund, Founder, Sundara Energy 

As industry requirements evolve with government regulation changes, the focus has turned now on working with clients offering services relating to carbon emissions reporting, management and conservation initiatives in Ontario and across Canada.   The Ontario Greenhouse Sector in particular has been a target industry in an effort to cut their rising energy costs and take on a role of advocate.   As the requirements on emissions management become more complex, customers are seeking information and expertise to assist navigate decision making. 

As the energy industry evolves in changing times, as a proud woman entrepreneur Sundara is looking ahead toward future customer needs and is emerging as one of Canada’s leaders in this field.


*Orginally published in HortiDaily, September 2018